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Expert Assessments

When a person requires an intervention at the judicial level, the first thing that I do is a primary interview in order to better respond to their needs.

An assessment is not always the best option, that is why it is important the initial interview to design a strategy on how to address each particular case.

People arrive with suffering and often confused as to what "they really want".  A first interview helps to clarify the problem and look at how  it can be tackled.

Once you have decided that the best option is the assessment (when it is necessary to evaluate the psychological damage), it moves on to the next step which is the collection of data, the psychopathological exploration and the personality evaluation. 

With all this data I create the expert assessment, each one different, although they all have a similar structure, each case has its peculiarities and precisely therein lies one of its key factors: its UNIQUENESS.

For a report to be good it should be simple, clear, comprehensive and must shed "light" on the subject, a report should answer the questions that originated the need for the assessment.

The ratification in the trial must be powerful and clear in its presentation. The expert must transmit firmness and reliability with their words, for this reason they must go to trial with  prior preparation to deal with any situation which they may encounter.



Labor Law:

  • Advice to companies in relation to their employees and to the conflicts that may arise with them.

  • Assessment of a possible situation of harassment on the part of the company.

  • Psychological evaluation of an employee in order to discern if they have suffered   harassment, "mobbing",   or when it happens the simulation of a disease or injury, or the so-called "neurosis of income".

  • Psycological evaluation that could invalidate the signing of a contract.

  • Assessment of work capacity because of mental disorder or illness.

  • Assessment of the total or partial disability because of mental illness.

  • Psychological evaluation of the consequences of accidents at work. 

  • Assessment of occupational diseases or those related to a profession or trade.

Civil Law:

  • Civil capacity and disability because of psychological causes.

  • Ability of psychological patients to be testators or witnesses.

  • Evaluation of prodigality.

  • Evaluation of the neuropsychological consequences of traffic accidents.

  • Evaluation of psychological consequences of assault.

  • Contractual liability and tort (especially accidents with psychological consequences).

Family Law:

  • Assessment of which is the most favorable environment in which to raise a child.

  • Evaluation of which framework, specific to each child in particular, allows it to grow better and direct itself towards the future.

  • Evaluation of maternal and paternal skills.

  • Assessment of the personality of the parents.

  • Evaluation of both spouses to decide the guardianship and custody of minors.

  • Problems with the visitation regimen that has been established in regards to the father / mother that does not have custody.

  • Shared Custody.

Criminal Law:

  • Assessment of the testimony presented by third parties or eyewitnesses to the events.

  • Study and expandable evaluation of the alleged offender.

  • Extenuating circumstances due to personality disorder or other reasons.

  • Prediction of the danger posed by offenders.

  • Preparation of witnesses.

  • Determination of the degree of deterioration, as a result of the postraumatic consequences of an accident.

  • Assessment of the existence of behavioral disorders.



When insurers need the evaluation of an expert, in cases which require a complex evaluation of the assessment of cognitive capacities, in regards to both the evaluation of psychological damage and the effects produced by traffic accidents.



In general all situations that require an evaluation and assessment of personality, psychological profiling and the environment:

Psychosocial preparation. Everyone becomes nervous when they feel that they are going to be examined and even more so when the results of this interview will determine other important decisions. That is why  good preparation is important, it is not lying but qualified to go to the appointment.

  • Evaluation of the disability of a family member. 

  • Assessment of states of dementia.

  • Thorough personality assessment.

  • Assessment of workplace harassment.

  • Assessment of situations of distress.

  • Assessment of sexual abuse.

  • Evaluation of the visitation regimen of which environment is more conducive to the growth of a child.

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