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Adriana Tribiño Martinez - Psycotherapy and Expert Assessments


I understand psychotherapy as a form of personal change, which enables a greater understanding of yourself, resolves conflicts and develops new resources that allow for the better management of life and its interpersonal relationships. To do this I use intervention strategies like: making the unconscious conscious, examining deeply rooted beliefs, widening of emotional insight, review of family history, etc.

I take into account that what has to be modified is the mental function of the individual and the symptoms fade as a result from this. I stress the diagnostic in order to design an active and focused technique for each individual, with specific interventions that promote change. Each person is a different world, what works for one does not work for another, I base myself on the uniqueness of the person and the encounter with the professional to start a therapeutic process.

Types of Care: 

  • Psychodiagnosis

  • Individual psychotherapy.

  • Bonding Therapy.

  • Family Guidance.

  • Couples Therapy. 

  • Psychoeducational and Psychotherapeutic Groups. 

Areas of intervention:

1.- Affective disorders: 

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress. 

  • Self-esteem Disorders. 

  • Avoidance Behaviors, Fears and Phobias. 

  • Eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Others.

  • Psychosomatic Disorders.

 2.- Couple and Family: 

  • Couple’s Crisis and Separation Crisis. 

  • New family models.

  • Psychological Care in the process of assisted reproduction. 

  • Problems related with adoption and foster care. 

  • Problems in regard to maternity / paternity leave.

3.- Women’s Psychology:

  • Insecurities and feelings of guilt. 

  • Self-care Deficit.

  • Emotional Dependency. 

  • Crises when faced with life changes: maternity, crisis in the middle ages of life, menopause.

  • Damage and consequences of gender-based violence. 

4.- Child and Adolescent Psychology: 

  • Difficulties regarding attachment. 

  • Oppositional / Defiant Behavior. 

  • Aggressiveness.

  • Attention Deficit with or without hyperactivity.

  • Anxiety, Fears and Phobias. 

  • Shyness / Social Isolation. 

  • Bullying.

5.- Other areas: 

  • Difficulties at work.

  • Preventive work before surgical interventions.

Adriana Tribiño Martinez - Psychotherapy and Expert Assessments

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